Are You Climate Ready? Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Section A Engagement Goals

“Are You Climate Ready?” is composed of four key elements, the first three held in separate Excel files.

The fourth is a report based on the aggregated and anonymized data from the three Excel files.

“Are You Climate Ready?” is offered as an engagement process to help organizations collaborate to meet the following goals.

  1. To enable participants in Subscriber organizations to enhance their own climate readiness. As research has shown that people are not motivated to change their behaviour based on research, knowledge of personal climate readiness is important. Participants are provided with a process to enhance their understanding of the need for action in a timely manner. This is supported by a series of twenty questions, which participants answer to develop an understanding of how they may be directly or indirectly affected by events such as ‘weird weather’ (acute events) or natural disaster as well as chronic changes in weather. This is part of AYCR 1. The intent is to inspire positive spillover in behaviour change to help their organization become climate ready. The intent is to have as many participants as possible in the organization respond to the questions.
  2. To leverage the power and value of their environmental management system (EMS) as objective evidence to address the recommended disclosures stated in the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), along with a few other sources, which are identified. The questions related to the TCFD recommendations are contained in AYCR 2.
  3. To share select data to identify patterns showing common strengths and weaknesses in organizations through aggregation for the purposes of determining common weaknesses and opportunities. This data will enable identification of other tools to enhance climate readiness in Subscribers.
  4. To inspire Subscribers to seek positive, innovative options with which to reduce or sequester their greenhouse gas emissions to meet the less than two-degree mark set by the Paris Agreement, meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are relevant to their context. The SDGs are contained in AYCR 3, along with information about 80 proven technology options as outlined in Project Drawdown. AYCR 3 enables Subscribers to choose what technologies can assist them in meeting their climate action goals and meet rapidly growing expectations for better environmental performance.
  5. To collaborate by reporting periodically derived from anonymized, aggregated data shared by Subscribers from AYCR 1, 2, and 3.
  6. To share existing tools, models or support mechanisms to assist participants in advancing climate action and show the synergy and cost saving opportunities enabled.
  7. To source or develop other tools to address common weaknesses. Given the time sensitivity of the challenge, collaboration with existing initiatives and other like-minded stakeholders is a priority and given high value.

Visit the Resources page for additional insight, tools, and additional documents.

Section B Terms and Conditions

You must agree to these Terms and Conditions to participate. The following information will enable you to participate in the engagement process, which includes the matrix set. Your individual responses will be held in confidence. Only aggregate information is shared.

The annual fee for participation in this engagement process is US$2,500 plus taxes as required by law. The Payment Mechanism is enabled when you choose your preferred option. Access to AYCR, invitations to training webinars, other support tools, models or other research included in the engagement process will only be released when payment is received in full, and with the written agreement by a person with the authority to uphold the following terms and conditions.

The fee includes one copy of the matrix set that comprises AYCR, access to periodic webinars, and an annual report outlining the results of aggregated information.

Individual data will not be shared. Periodically, The Collaboration, in association with E2 Management Corporation, may release a media press statement, summarizing trends or patterns discerned through this engagement process. Subscribers have the option to be identified in conjunction with the public release at their discretion.

The value of this process lies in sharing non-attributed data. If a Subscriber decides after acquiring the license to the matrix set not to share their data, the loss of value will be theirs, and with regret there are no refunds.

Data submissions are due 90 days after access is given to AYCR 1, 2 and 3. The reporting of the results will be shared with Subscribers biannually. The detailed report will only be shared with those organizations that participate in the data capture period in the period before.

I acknowledge that “Are You Climate Ready?” is a proprietary matrix set composed of Excel files, and that these are the intellectual property created for The Collaboration, with the copyright held by E2 Management Corporation (E2M), all rights reserved.

I agree not to disclose any material in the AYCR subscription to anyone external to my organization.

I agree to share data from AYCR 1, 2 and 3 for the purposes of sharing aggregated, anonymized data as part of the engagement process to meet the goals outlined above.

I acknowledge that data on some of the worksheets (i.e. Is your EMS Climate Ready and Qs For Corporate Directors) may be deemed confidential by my organization, (i.e. Column E, titled “Comments or Objective Evidence) and it is my responsibility to ensure that the data are held secure. The Collaboration, nor E2 Management Corporation (E2M) assumes any responsibility for protection of the data held in Column E.

I have the authority/ I have obtained the authority to report on the data referenced for disclosure as part of this agreement.

Your agreement to these terms and conditions is captured at the bottom of the Options page when you purchase. Failure to agree will prevent your ability to proceed with the purchase.