Subscription Options

What is the Value Proposition that AYCR offers your organization?

We have been told by those who have used or reviewed AYCR, here are the top ten reasons; AYCR:

  • saves them time
  • should be shared with others now
  • is an unique approach
  • helps build confidence in employees
  • enables them to provide better external reporting
  • is a credible process leveraging existing standards
  • is not a big ticket item
  • helps identify opportunities to innovate
  • offers a risk management strategy
  • and they really like the Pod approach


Option A: Option A is the basic subscription for “Are You Climate Ready?”.

It is comprised of four core elements, identified as AYCR 1, 2, 3 and 4. Subscribers receive a confidential copy of the AYCR 1, 2 and 3 once payment is received, and the agreement outlining terms and conditions is signed by an authorized representative. Option A is offered as an annual subscription, which is US$2,500. Subscribers agree to collaborate and share specific data points from AYCR 1, 2 and 3. Review the terms and conditions here.

Subscribers will be given access to an instructional webinar that will cover the details of AYCR 1, 2 and 3 that will explain details of the content and explain the functionality of each element and the connectivity between each that make it a systems approach. AYCR 4 is a report that will be released to Subscribers after the first wave of anonymized data is analyzed, and then at periodic intervals. It will include patterns, trends and initiatives from anonymized, aggregated data from Subscribers.

Option A includes webinars to address topics that may accelerate an organization’s progress on climate change. Initially, these will be held monthly, or when something exceptional occurs. These webinars are free to Subscribers.

As part of Option A, Subscribers will be notified of other insights that “Are You Climate Ready?” and our Subscribers, stakeholders, supporters and collaborative organizations identify as noteworthy.

“Are You Climate Ready?” provides access to complementary tools, which are part of the AYCR Ecosystem, such as En-Roads. Some are free.

Option A can be acquired on its own, or in conjunction with Options B (additional learning) or C (working in pods). Option D (benchmarking) will be available after the first wave of anonymized data is analyzed. These other options are available at the discretion of the Subscriber.


Option B builds on the basic subscription described as Option A.

Option B addresses the need to enhance the knowledge of the elements offered in this initiative. The options provided are designed as adult learning programs with pre and post course surveys to demonstrate the value of the learning program. Organizations may choose to participate in instructor led online learning, engaging with other Subscribers. All sessions are held under Chatham House Rule. Learners are required to sign an agreement to honour the Rule, which essentially states that information can be shared, but the other learners’ names and their affiliation is not disclosed. You may review the Rule here:

Learning options include:

  • B – 1: This is an introduction on the value and elements in an Environmental Management System (EMS) aligned to ISO 14001, with reference to the insights from the companion guidance standard ISO 14004. This option is for organizations that need to implement a systems approach or wish to improve the outcomes of a robust, credible and reliable environmental management system. When and as changes to ISO 14001 occur, Subscribers will be given a chance to discuss proposed changes in a confidential forum. Instruction is provided by national negotiators of the standards.
  • B – 2: A robust, credible and reliable EMS serves as a base upon which the organization can link to other initiatives such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at the target level. It also connects and EMS and the SDGs through to concepts, tools and techniques from initiatives such as Green Productivity and the Circular Economy. These provide the organization with greater insight on how to meet their EMS objectives and opportunities for continual improvement.
  • B – 3: This program is specifically designed for top management, executives from the C Suite, and those that serve on Boards of Directors. It explains the requirements and expectations stated in ISO 14001:2015 that are intended for them. It discusses the value proposition of a robust, credible and reliable Environmental Management System for internal and external stakeholders with insights on emerging standards for green and sustainable finance. The program also addresses the synergy with other initiatives that may provide the opportunity for accelerating action to meet commitments such as Net Zero and the Paris Agreement.
  • The cost for Options B – 1, B – 2 and B – 3 is US$1,500, which allows for up to two employees, officers, or corporate directors under defined learning agendas.
  • B – 4: We provide the option for Subscribers to request learning programs or information sessions that are tailored to their unique learning needs. Use the Contact form to let us know of your request.
  • B – 5: The credibility of an EMS is in its design. ISO 14001 offers four options for demonstrating conformity.
    “An organization that wishes to demonstrate conformity with this International Standard can do so by:

    • making a self determination and self declaration, or
    • seeking confirmation of its conformance by parties having an interest in the organization, such as customers, or
    • seeking confirmation of its self declaration by a party external to the organization, or
    • seeking certification/registration of its environmental management system by an external organization” (Source: ISO 14001:2015)

ISO does not offer these conformity assessment services. These are managed by other parties, such as the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which positions itself in the market by asserting its power to accredit those organizations wishing to offer certification. Members of ISO and the IAF are typically the same national standards bodies, but are represented by different divisions, thus maintaining the position of independence.

ISO standards must meet the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) principles under the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement. Therefore, due to the voluntary nature of ISO and other standards, third party verification is by intent and design, optional.

Noting that external oversight can offer internal and external stakeholders the benefit of additional confidence in an EMS that meets or exceeds the requirements in ISO 14001, and to provide a level of assurance to stakeholders, AYCR will be offering a unique learning program for verification of data. Professionals from accounting and the EMS audit sector will be able to take a learning program that will blend EMS knowledge and accounting skills. The intent is to meet the needs of top management and the Board of Directors to address ‘trust but verify’ through third party oversight.

Details on this program will be released in the fall of 2021. Those interested in being notified for the first wave can indicate their interest in the Contact form, specifying “B – 5”.


Option C builds on Option A. It is the most popular option.

A pod is a collaboration of companies that agree to work together. Each member of a pod acquires the basic subscription, Option A.

A typical pod size is between 8 to 12 Subscribers. Communities or networks with more than a dozen, may choose to build a second pod.

A pod can leverage the power of collaboration, to enhance learning and accelerate action through shared initiatives. Pods may be formed based on a specific location, a group of companies in a sector or on a cross-sector basis.

A pod may choose to enlist the assistance of a coordinator or manager. A pod may also be formed under the mandate of an existing business association or group of cities, with an association manager taking on the management of the pod.

“Are You Climate Ready?” can assist individual Subscribers connect with other Subscribers, if they are unable to form a pod in their community or network.

There is an annual pod management fee of US$5,000, which members of the Pod are responsible for, which is payable to “Are You Climate Ready?”. This covers set-up fees, and quarterly meetings for Pod Managers to enhance support for pods. Additional services are available upon request, the cost to be determined.


Option D builds on Option A, providing unique benchmarking for individual subscribers against aggregated, anonymized data.

Subscribers may opt for this insight more than once, for example, when a substantial change occurs in the market, or in their organization, and need to demonstrate leadership or a competitive position. The cost for each benchmarking opportunity is US$2,500.

This option will be available after the first report has been issued.

Consequently, “Are You Climate Ready?” is only seeking statements of interest at this time.